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    Rapeseed acquisition "in full swing

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    In early may, rapeseed collection hot within sight.To protect the interests of farmers, rapeseed just after the harvest, positive action, vigorously promote yunnan Wan Xinglong group, practical and high-quality service measures, prompt farmers enthusiasm high, ensure the company rapeseed purchase smoothly this year.
    In order to ensure the rapeseed price reasonable, quality standard, the company quality management, quality inspection departments transferred commissioner, pair of quality, grading, pricing, supervised the warehousing and so on.So far, the company's acquisition of rapeseed has reached more than 9000 tons, the average daily volume of more than 150 tons, not only drives the Luo Ping market, at the same time also drive more than the surrounding area industry common development.
    At present, the company acquisition of rapeseed is well underway.
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