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    "Wan Xinglong" borrow wisdom transformation

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    Yunnan Wan Xinglong biological technology group co., LTD. Is a collection of biological development, investment and financing, hotel services, such as mineral development as one of the diversification of enterprise groups.In the ideal faith education practice activities, the company strive to carry out "three action", strengthen the ideal faith education practice, leading the industry trend, promote enterprise transformation spanning development.On April 15 this year, yunnan provincial party committee, deputy secretary of the enemy and to the company research, said: "the brain, intellectual development and borrow it has a bright spot, is worth popularizing in the province."
    "Innovation effect increases the energy action", in promoting enterprise production and operation practice of the ideal faith
    Organize all party members and more than middle-level cadres of regular and irregular "say my dream, do I pursue, my faith, to realize my ideal" big discussion, combined with the enterprise development and personal growth experience, experience, ideal, said comprehension, spirits and boost confidence.Organizing the staff to carry out "theory, turning the idea", "Ming, vibration, and confidence", "about saving, efficiency" and other activities, set up "party member ShiFanGang", "member area", "technical research team", carry out small small small inventions, create, design, innovation, tips "five small" innovation activities, guide the staff to be "reform pioneer, technical experts," as enterprise key engineering and technology research project example.Staff around the enterprise transformation, puts forward the industrialization of high-tech, high benefit and low consumption, low pollution development suggest that more than 300, to carry out technical innovation project, 96, 186 and daunting task.

    Follow the luoping "focus on promoting agricultural industrialization, to develop the biological resources development, implement the plateau characteristic agriculture drive, play to build regional biological resources export processing base" of the industry development train of thought, based on a small Luo Ping turmeric, rapeseed, honey, such as biological resources, focus on promoting investment of nearly 800 million yuan, covers an area of 230 mu, building area of 12.5 square meters Wan Xinglong biological science and technology industrial park construction, construction for processing 350000 tons 350000 tons of little turmeric, rapeseed, 10000 tons of ginger wine, 3000 tons of bee products production line.Achieved the integration of raw materials, process, equipment, products, establishing intensive, high value and industrialization mode of circular economy, dedicated to biological Wan Xinglong group development project into a set of ecological energy saving, green environmental protection and tourism as one of the modern high-tech industrial park.Main drive send small turmeric, rapeseed, high value-added biological resources of honey series of new products, the company independent research and development of ginger wine, is the biological science and technology and the combination of the local agricultural special products, is a unique type of ginger wine fermentation.Project after the drive to 150000 households farmers get rich, cultivate FuYuXing 20000 peasant households, annual sales income 2 billion yuan, achieve 3 billion yuan of above comprehensive social benefits.

     "Gather to thriving enterprise promoting development action", the practice of ideal faith in the optimization of educational environment of choose and employ persons
    Accelerating "talent thriving enterprise" strategy, with practical talents, with incentives, career rally talents, retain talent with the environment, and treatment.Vigorously implement the "talent project" of party members, to the enterprise backbone to party members, the party members into backbone enterprise senior management cadres, improving the party member troop overall quality, there are 40 members in the management and production line of the important job.Actively implement the "weight training, management, and promote development" talent cultivation mechanism, to take "introduction to" and "going out" the way of combining completes the shortage of talents cultivation, the new type of industrial workers training and high-level personnel training.Encourage employees to strengthen learning, new knowledge, learning new technology.Money for more than 60, ten thousand yuan this year, organize various training more than 400 people.For middle-level cadres above the solid line check system, reporting on activities ShuLian and open selection, competition mount guard, workshop for different divisions of the company and employees according to the proportional amount, according to the post wage and salary change, with hills, mobilize the enthusiasm and initiative of employees clerkstarts.Continuously improve to provide living room, the setting up of outstanding contribution, increase middle-level cadres to compete for jobs, families solve employment, their children to school, measures such as nesting ultra-competitive, successively introduced 17 academic leaders, overseas scholars and nearly 100 graduate and undergraduate students.Existing senior engineer 6 people, food engineer 8 people, registered consulting engineer 3 people, quality engineers, 3 people, accountants nine people.
    To consolidate and strengthen the competitive power of the talent, the company with the United States at Harvard University, Chinese academy of agricultural sciences' and national engineering center for preservation of agricultural products, shandong agricultural university, chongqing university and other colleges and universities at home and abroad, and scientific research units and technological cooperation agreement, the collection of all advantages to form a production, innovation alliance, technology development and personnel training cooperation, in the Chinese academy of agricultural sciences' and chongqing industry and commerce university established university-enterprise joint laboratory, solve the key technical problems in the development of biotechnology industry, research and development of independent innovation products, to promote enterprise innovation ability and the core competitiveness to create effective patterns and mechanism.Around a little turmeric resources to develop a series 8 categories of 17 125 products, at present, the company has 6 national invention patents, and in strict accordance with the national standard construction product engineering technology research and development center.
    "Gather strength strengthening action", practicing ideal faith in the banner play a leading role
    "Although we are private enterprises, but the development of the enterprise, cannot leave the leadership of the party. Although I isn't a party member, but I take the initiative to support the company was established in 2007 the party, trade unions, youth league, women's federation and armed forces."Chairman of the board of directors of the company Tang Yusheng said.Company party around the "scientific development and promote transformation, I am a party member I first, based on the post do gong, I add the luster for the flag" theme, to carry out all kinds of organization activities, guiding the party branch and the party member to play the cutting edge exemplary role.Company party to fully support the "gather strength" strengthening the initiative, to enhance the party organization tie dynamic ability, more than 150 ten thousand yuan successively invested to build a new branch office, party member function room, the party propaganda columns, enterprise culture exhibition board and other facilities, to purchase a large number of books and videos, to all the party branch organization setup, hard piece of content, system content, content on the wall and role play "WuGuiFan" standard specification;At the same time the company transfer budget of 100000 yuan a year, extend by the month each party 60 yuan a month for the party members' benefits, open exhibition organized activities, money reimbursed.Do someone tube, party member activities have place, party construction of party members have time to study, for the party construction, guaranteed.Building the related staff solidarity mechanism.Party organization actively coordinate timely pay all kinds of insurance for employees, organize regular staff physical examination, every major holiday sympathy for difficult staff for each employee to send a birthday cake, a bunch of flowers, and a blessing;Each party member pair support 2-3 difficult employees, set up "Wan Xinglong love fund", difficult to offer help in time of employees;Took out 5 million yuan a year award of "advanced worker, at present the awards 226.Company is the all-china federation of trade unions awarded the national double love double evaluation of advanced enterprises, the company party is the department recognition as a prelude to the priority into the party organizations at the grass-roots level.
    Tang Yusheng said: "the success of the company business, the company is firm faith to follow the party, the pursuit of excellence does not stop. The result of the strengthening principle to faith education, is a never completion of required courses; Wan Xinglong biotech group development has only just started. We will work hard to good ideal faith education practice activity as the platform, relying on Luo Ping biological resources, leading the industry trend, based on yunnan and facing the future, towards the world, to build internationally competitive enterprise groups."
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