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    Yunnan provincial party committee, vice secretary of revenge...

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    On April 23, the yunnan provincial party committee, vice secretary of revenge and rate of provincial research group to guide the company research work, the provincial party committee, deputy secretary general Qian Hengyi, agricultural, provincial party committee, deputy director of the provincial party committee policy research office of the director of Lin Jinhong, qujing city municipal party committee secretary Gao Jinsong, vice mayor Xu Yucai, municipal party committee secretary general Zhu Deguang Luo Ping the county party committee secretary of the Korean open column, vice secretary of the county, the county magistrate Lv Pin red accompanied by party and government main leaders such as research.
    Group chairman of the board of directors of the company Tang Yusheng group is introduced to the research group of biological science and technology development project planning and layout, development present situation, the main products, production technology, expert team, base construction, and so on and so forth.Listen to after the briefing, vice secretary of revenge and walk to the company high-tech innovative development way, boost the local economy and social development play a positive role to the full affirmation.Plateau characteristic agriculture development, and said, to highlight the characteristic, deep processing, deepen the cooperation with universities and scientific research units, and the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, promote the industry chain extension to the prenatal and postnatal, location advantages into regional advantage, regional advantage into competitive advantage and improve visibility and reputation of characteristic agricultural products, improve market share and competitiveness, to plateau characteristic agriculture development model.
    When understanding to the company with the institutions of higher learning, scientific research institutes to establish cooperation relations, optimizing the integration of scientific research and talent resources, the introduction of more than a dozen academic leaders, overseas scholars development provide powerful intellectual support for the company.He emphasised, the enterprise to develop, strengthen the talent team construction is the key, with condensed talents, talents, with the mechanism of incentive talents with practice, nesting ultra-competitive, attract more boost enterprise developing industry elite.
    Revenge in the production workshop, deputy secretary of the production process of fermentation type ginger wine especially interested, he walked, and asked, know, from time to time before the production equipment, and ask about the operation of key equipment in detail and the accurate calibration and testing process with the products.When the key technology for the domestic independent research and development and is the industry leader, he said happily: "you did very well, very ambitious!"
    When parting, vice secretary of revenge encourages enterprises to continue to go the way of high-tech innovation development, the enterprise bigger and stronger, with the quality and efficiency of the challenge.
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