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    Department of yunnan province NongCunChu director Zhang Gong...

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    On March 1, department of yunnan province NongCunChu director Zhang Gongyun city technology bureau, party secretary Tian Youfang, Ceng Yayun line to the company visit, deputy director of research, the company deputy general manager tang WenBing accompanied on biotechnology development project progress.
    Research, zhang, director of science and technology innovation to the company to work to give you.He points out, the company attaches great importance to science and technology innovation work, clear and correct steps.Just do a good job in the next step, he hopes to enterprise must adhere to scientific and technological innovation, increasing research and development ability, to master the core technology, strengthen the cooperation with scientific research institutions, enhance the competitiveness of products in the market;At the same time hope Wan Xinglong to speed up the building independent innovation system, strategic support to develop the emerging industry, steady and rapid economic development for the company to provide strong support of science and technology.
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