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    Vice secretary of municipal party committee Li Yunzhong rese...

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    May 2 afternoon, vice secretary of municipal party committee Li Yunzhong a line, in the county magistrate Lv Pin red, the county party committee standing committee member and deputy county magistrate Chen Zu equal important leadership, the company have investigated the production and operation situation of the development project.
    First of all, the deputy magistrate Chen Zuping report to li, vice secretary of a line are briefly the development of county economy, mainly describes the present situation of the county industrial park, development goals, positioning, etc.;Then, the group chairman of the board of directors of the company Tang Yusheng transformation through the process of the enterprise, the cooperation team, product development, production and operation, and the next step development planning is introduced.Li Yunzhong after the briefing to the development of the Luo Ping affirmation, the company said in the position in Luo Ping county territory economy development will decide, he points out: Wan Xinglong as a new biological technology industry group, the Luo Ping made a positive contribution to the development of economy and society, and is a great enterprise, is an important pillar of Luo Ping industrial park enterprise, the municipal party committee, the municipal government has always attached great importance to the development of Luo Ping placed high expectations, and will give strong support to the broader development path to build the foundation for the next step.
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